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Nothing Was The Same by Drake free essay sample

Drakes highly anticipated album Nothing Was The Same came out at 12am this morning. i brought it right at 12. I listened to it 3 times throughout the night im still listening to it now. This is Drakes 3rd album. Thank Me Later Take Care are his 2 albums before this one. Thank Me Later was his freshman album he showed a lot of his potential. Take Care was the album that really put him on the charts. That was his 2nd album it really put him in a league of his own. But I will go as far to say that Nothing Was The Same topped Take Care. Nothing Was The Same is a well put together album. Drakes music varies from hip-hop, RnB, rap. This album had a whole new sound to it. Nothing Was The Same hangs its hat with a somber, gloomy feel that takes you in the mind of Drake as he raps sings about being underrated, loving women, and bragging about himself. We will write a custom essay sample on Nothing Was The Same by Drake or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Every song gives you a clear visual of what Drake wants you to see. Whether its sad lonely or having a good time at a party with your friends. Drake has really come into his own as a famous rapper, even though you can tell he got a little bit of his sound from other artist that he himself is inspired by. Artist like The Weekend, when it comes to the feel of the song. Also Justin Timberlake when it comes to his vocals. Nothing Was The Same was a great way a great time in his career to showcase his new skills,musically. From this album I learned a lot bout Drake. From his personal thoughts, past relationships family troubles. I also learned that he is trying to get back to his old self again. He puts a red beam on saying I want to get back to that kid who was living in his mamas basement on on his track From Time. This album was a spectacular was of Drake telling his fans he wants to get back to the basics. In my honest opinion, I dont think anyone will top this album this year. This whole album flows smoothly together, each having two parts to it. Almost like a twist in a movie. Drake shows great versatility on this album. If you havent heard it yet, i really recommend that you should. Its worth the money. Nothing Was The Same by Drake free essay sample Nothing Was the Same As a fan of Drake, listening to any of his albums is never disappointing. The way he pours his feelings into his music captivates his listeners right away with the help of a catchy beat. Aubrey Drake Graham is no victim of the stereotypical description of rap music. No meaningless lyrics ever cross his lips. Not only is he a modest, talented rapper, he has a set of pipes on him, too. Through his album, â€Å"Nothing Was the Same†, he proceeds to showcase his talent just as he did for his previous releases. â€Å"Nothing Was the Same† is Drake’s junior album sold 658,000 copies in its first week and is gaining more success than his sophomore album, which had multiple songs high up on the charts. This album has had three songs on the famous Billboard’s Top 100 and featured other popular artists such as Jay-Z, 2 Chainz, and Big Sean. We will write a custom essay sample on Nothing Was The Same by Drake or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page His style and flow has inevitably changed the rap game. With the way he is going now, he will definitely go down in the books. â€Å"I’m just as good as my mentor, but that’s still the boss, don’t get sent for.† His music shows that his success doesn’t get to his head and he does not lose his roots. â€Å"Started from the bottom, now I’m here.† Drake got to where he is now independently, and doesn’t let anyone forget it. He always proves that he deserves the success he obtains today through his lyrics, making sure no one mistakes him for a â€Å"snotty rich kid† blowing money as soon as he gets it. For anyone who is not particularly fond of this Canada born artist, I recommend a quick listen. That is all you will need to transform into a new fan. From his heartfelt lyrics, to his clever word play, Drake never ceases to impress his fans and critics. He continues to pay homage to his idols that come before him and strive to become one for his listeners today.

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The Three Most Influential People In Ender free essay sample

# 8217 ; s Life Essay, Research Paper The Three Most Influential Peoples in Ender # 8217 ; s Life In the award-winning novel Ender # 8217 ; s Game by Orson Scott Card there are many characters that influence Ender throughout his travels. Ender is influenced in one manner or another by merely about every individual he comes into contact with. Most of these influences, nevertheless, are really elusive and do non do a direct or dramatic alteration in his life. There are three chief people that Ender spends a batch of clip with that influence him the most. The first character that influenced Ender was Peter, his older brother. All throughout their early childhoods, Peter would coerce Ender into playing barbarous games similar to # 8220 ; bulls and robbers # 8221 ; or # 8220 ; Cowboys and Indians, # 8221 ; but this was Buggers and worlds. Ender was ever the Bugger who would acquire beaten severely by the # 8220 ; human, # 8221 ; Peter. Peter would frequently do decease menaces to Ender and his sister, Valentine. We will write a custom essay sample on The Three Most Influential People In Ender or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Peter was neer truly certain if Peter was serious with these menaces or non, but he was smart plenty to cognize that if he had wanted to, Peter could hold killed them both. As a direct consequence of these unsmooth games and menaces, Ender developed a ruthless, battle- minded. He displayed this trait at the battle after school with Stilson while he was still on Earth and the battle in the cabinet room with Bonzo at the conflict school. Both of which ended in the decease of Ender # 8217 ; s cocksure oppositions. In his ain defence Ender said, # 8220 ; Knocking [ Stilson ] down merely won the first battle. I wanted to win all the following 1s, excessively. So they # 8217 ; vitamin D leave me alone. # 8221 ; Secondly Colonel Graff besides had a great influence on Ender. Upon come ining the conflict school, Colonel Graff pointed Ender out as a # 8220 ; star pupil # 8221 ; among all the others. This got them aggravated and made it highly difficult for Ender to do and maintain frien ds. This was all portion of the Colonels program to insulate Ender from the other male childs in order to open up his creativeness and glare. Ender was foremost merely a portion of the squad under the stamp downing leading of Bonzo. Ender was non allowed to hit anyone and merely floated around aimlessly. Until, that is, he was eventually traded and was able to really contend in the conflicts and turn out his worth. He was shortly promoted to toon leading and rapidly after that became the youngest squad commanding officer in conflict school history. This merely made the older childs resent him more. Upon being promoted to commander he was given a wholly new squad of cubs and kids who didn # 8217 ; t even cognize how to manage themselves on gravitation, allow entirely in zero G, and was allowed no trading. They besides gave him a conflict every individual twenty-four hours, opposed to the normal 2 hebdomad stretch for most squads. This was all to prove Ender # 8217 ; s capabili ties of taking the human fleet against another Bugger invasion. Ender would besides sometimes fight 2 or 3 conflicts in one twenty-four hours or even two squads at one time and his squad was highly tired and worn-down. But despite these adversities, Ender found a manner to win each and every game. Graff arranged all of this and because of him Ender learned how to manage himself in intense state of affairss, one of Ender’s greatest features in the long tally. Finally, Mazar Rackham had a enormous impact on Ender. He was Ender # 8217 ; s private instructor one time he got to the I.F. Academy. He told Ender that he was the enemy and neer to swear him. Ender neer knew when Mazar was traveling to turn on him or assist him, and this taught Ender to neer swear anyone wholly, because of this he became more autonomous and it kept him on his toes. Mazar besides taught Ender all of his cognition on his licking of the sodomites in the 2nd invasion. Ender studied classified information and played the simulation game with his crew, who, as it turned out, were all his good friends from conflict school. Then all of a sudden it switched to existent conflicts with the sodomites with existent lives at interest, but Ender was neer told. Then eventually, through Mazar # 8217 ; s fantastic instructions, Ender reached the concluding conflict with the Buggers. Ender and his fleet were outnumbered 10,000 to one. Ender thought it was improbably unjust and thoug ht that Mazar had programmed the simulation. Besides, with people in uniforms observation on, Ender felt uneasy. Finally he decided that he didn # 8217 ; t care what happened and it didn # 8217 ; t affair, so he decided to wing in to the place planet and utilize the largest and most powerful arm. Ender blew up the planet and all of the environing ships. At this point everyone in the room began heartening and Ender eventually realized that these # 8220 ; simulations # 8221 ; were existent conflicts in the concluding invasion of the Bugger place universe. Ender learned from Mazar to make his best under force per unit area, even if he thought the result didn # 8217 ; t affair. From all three of these really of import people, Ender learned at least one new character trait. From Peter he learned to be pitiless and demo no clemency. Then from Colonel Graff he learned to be resilient and crafty in his ways. Finally, from Mazar Rackham he learned to be clasp, make his best at all times, and to neer to the full trust anybody. In Card # 8217 ; s Ender # 8217 ; s Game, the usage of characters helps to develop Ender # 8217 ; s character throughout all his travels. In this peculiar novel those three characters compose most of Ender # 8217 ; s personality traits that he learned while turning up. Ender experienced more in the short 11 old ages of his life than most people would in 3 or 4 life-times, and Ender has Peter, Graff, and Mazar to thank for that.

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Remembering Our First Stage of Education

Remembering Our First Stage of Education Most people have  good memories  of their elementary school days and one of them is recollections of a certain beloved teacher. Why not all? The result of  study  about successful and well-remembered elementary school teachers suggest that most of them actually enjoy working with kids, having fun and always happy to be with them. They can easily communicate with children; familiar with children’s needs, and always willing to understand. Memories of a Person Who Truly Loves Kids Pupils’ idea of a good elementary school  teacher  can be classified into three general categories – personal qualities, relationship with pupils, and teaching techniques. Study of students in grade 2 through 8 suggests that most of them frequently recall teachers who helped them in their work, kind, patient, polite, neatly dressed, friendly in and out class, and with a sense of humor. Moreover, in order of frequency, beloved and easily remembered teachers are those who are kind and thoughtful, having fun with kids, often in good mood, agreeable, friendly with a nice smile, considerate, smart and well-informed. Easily recalled #ElementaryMoments with beloved teacher seems linked to personal and behavioral characteristics associated with teaching efficiency. In practice, this is the ability of an elementary school teacher to create a learning atmosphere for kids, motivate them to take risks in the learning process, become more inventive and accept new ideas. These teachers according to literature are those who take a student of her or his normal frame of reference and help them see new possibilities even in complicated situations through humor. DEVELOPING STUDENTS CREATIVITY AND SELF-EXPRESSION THROUGH CRAYONS Memories of Effective and Inspiring Elementary School Teachers Most people have an implicit and internal definition of effective teaching. Most of us can easily distinguish a good teacher from a bad teacher. Everyone seems knowledgeable of what actually constitutes good teaching such as Ms. May and Mrs. Moody’s former elementary school  students who remembered them as funny but effective teachers. Ms. Daisy May is a kind of teacher who always starts the class with a smile. She is serious about teaching and often gives her students a lot of work. However, despite the difficulty, her great sense of humor made her classroom both fun and educational. Ms. May is kind and friendly in and out of the class but she never jokes about her class requirements. For instance, she was upset and failed almost the entire class when her students did not buy the book she required. Mrs. L. Moody, on the other hand, is a  sixth-grade teacher who is frequently remembered for her energy. She was loud, funny, but serious to her teaching like Ms. May. Although the qualities sound contradictory, Ms. Moody is an effective elementary school teacher who inspired many of her former students (now successful teachers) to pursue a teaching career. These teachers are best remembered for balancing classroom fun and learning. Their ability to â€Å"break the ice† and make students truly excited about coming to class and learn to separate them from the rest. They have the personal, relational, and teaching skills of an effective teacher that most students regard as best #ElementaryMoments.

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Write Daily or Not

Write Daily or Not Stephen King (On Writing) and Julia Cameron (The Artists Way) believe strongly in writing daily. A few others, however, argue that writing daily isnt necessary. So whats a new or struggling writer to decide is the best for them? My take on writing daily is this: DO IT EVERY DAY. Until you find a voice, until you know your direction, until you are a hard-core writer and not a hob Unfortunately when you stop writing for a period, or skip weeks between poems or chapters, you lose ground. You backslide. Its like building a house for a week then letting the weather erode it for a couple months, then you go back to it and have to spend several days fixing whats deteriorated due to neglect. And thinking about writing doesnt work. It doesnt count. While it feels good, and you might consider new ideas to write about, its not writing. Nothing is a substitute for putting words down for a conclusion. Now there may come a day when you have so much on your plate, that you feel discombobulated. Too many deadlines, too confused where to take a scene, uncertain whether a character is needed. At that point, take a day off. Maybe even a weekend but only after youve been writing so steadily that you are honed to scribble each day. My light day is Saturday after a busy Friday putting out newsletters, when Im most likely to have family drop in. There have been times when Ive been at conferences and missed three days, but Im itching to get back to business Youll build your writing in layers. Your talent doesnt embed itself into your brain unless its repeated on a steady basis. If you put weeks and months between your chapters, be prepared to have to do a lot of starting over. Like going to college, taking Spanish 1 this year, and Spanish 2 three years from now a lot is going to be lost in the interim. Yes, you might have been writing for years. But how many years would it really be if you tallied only those days you actually wrote? Write daily. Youll be flabbergasted at your rate of improvement.

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Communication eassy 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Communication eassy 7 - Essay Example The stock market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression would be played out on the airwaves of the radio for everyone to develop a common myth. Yet, radio was relatively slow to catch on. With little governmental control, the media giants of CBS and NBC struggled to reshape society, and only succeeded due to the commitment of a few visionary men. By 1910 radio had become a curiosity and few outside the military and marine ship operators understood its true potential. Yet, over the next 50 years it would transform our society from a loosely disconnected fabric of social groups to a cohesive group with a national identity. To understand the transformation it is necessary to examine the rapid social change of the 1920s. Entertainment, news, economics, politics, and technology all went through a rapid modernization (Crowley and Heyer 218). One of the driving forces behind this movement was the radio. People became connected in a way that was previously unknown. Newsprint could not incite the emotion and texture that sound gave to the stories and events. Through the 1940s, radio got more people involved in electoral politics by making them feel like they were a part of the democratic process (Bartlett 91, Crowley and Heyer 225). Radio became a mass outlet for ideas and products. It cultivated the concepts of fashion and fad. The country began to view themselves as a cohesive unit, with common values, common goals, and shared ideals. When we view the media giants of NBC and CBS it is easy to believe that the radio propelled these companies to success. However, quite the opposite is true. The fact is that these companies made the radio popular rather than the radio making the companies successful. In 1916 the American Marconi Company rejected David Sarnoff for offering the idea of a home radio to provide musical entertainment (Crowley and Heyer, 234). Sarnoff would leave Marconi and spend years

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Lack of Diversity in Prison Staff Research Paper

Lack of Diversity in Prison Staff - Research Paper Example As a result of their study, Nicholas and Mary (1993) were able to find quite a lot of likenesses and differences in the perceptions of work in prison among the staff members which were influenced by their gender. In order to enhance workers’ motivation for work, it is imperative that their gender based requirements are taken into consideration and the policies are designed accordingly. Women bring diversity in work force in terms of gender. Benefits obtained from this variation in the corrections profession can only be maximized by paying heed to the perceptions of women along with men. There are several obstacles in the way of providing jailed students with education that is effective as well as consistent with their individualistic needs. The environment within prison is a result of the strict requirements of security. Prisoners are locked up, and are monitored all time. They are counted and are carefully supervised. These traits of the culture prevalent in jails impose a lo t of difficulties in the way of learning for imprisoned students. Too many restrictions do not leave any supportive element in the environment in a jail for studies. The prison staff places much more stress on punishing the imprisoned children than encouraging them to change their habits for the better. This behavior of the prison staff plays a big role in marginalizing education in jail. This is the fundamental reason why education and learning is seen by many imprisoned students as something beyond the allowable limits. Most of the education provided to imprisoned students is of the most basic level. In a vast majority of cases, these students are provided with little to no higher education at all. Education and learning, in general, is understood by both the staff working in a prison and the imprisoned lot as an â€Å"elite† task (Watts, 2010). In his research, Watts (2010) made an attempt to explore the hindrances commonly experienced by students in the way of gaining hig her education when they are imprisoned in a conventional jail setting. The research was particularly focused on studying the various practical and organization specific limitations encountered by the educators while they tend to provide the imprisoned students with education in a completely non-conventional and dangerously absurd learning environment. Watts (2010) particularly found that one-to-one teaching method greatly enhances a student’s capacity to learn in the sort of environment that is conventionally cultivated in jails. With the changes in the demographics in United States, the programs offered in jails which are directed at the rehabilitation of the imprisoned people have been heavily affected. According to the information recorded by the US Census, the population of minority in jails would transform into a majority till 2010 (Marshal, 2001). Female inmates in prison that used to be a minority in the past are readily increasing on a yearly basis as a result of the reflection of United States in the imprisoned population. Only over the course of one decade ending 2001, the population of

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Etiology of HIV-Associated Dementia :: Biology Essays Research Papers

Etiology of HIV-Associated Dementia The etiologic agents of the neurologic disease associated with HIV and AIDS are many. Opportunistic infections- cryptococcus, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, are a few of the organic causes of neurologic disease in AIDS patients, but will not be the main focus of this paper. The human immunodeficiency virus in itself is implicated in much of the neurological manifestations of the disease, and it is the effects of the presence of the virus within the central nervous system which is of interest to me in this paper. With the advent of more effective highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and thus increased life span of people with AIDS, neurological disorders are becoming a hot topic in AIDS research. In the early days of the epidemic, those infected with the virus could only hope to live for a short time before developing the symptoms of full blown AIDS, and death ensued shortly afterwards. The progress made in treatment in the past two decades has prolonged the lives of people with AIDS, to the point where diagnosis is no longer a sign of imminent debilitation and death, but rather an acknowledgement of a possible long road ahead with the aid of drug cocktails. There is also a strong possibility that the HIV infected person may develop HIV associated dementia after years of living with the disease (1). HIV associated dementia (HAD) is comprised of a spectrum of conditions from the mild HIV-1 motor cognitive-motor disorder to severe and debilitating AIDS dementia complex. Symptoms begin with motor slowing (2), and may progress to severe loss of cognitive function, loss of bladder and bowel control, and paraparesis . A classification system has been formulated for HIV associated dementia: Stage 0: Normal Stage 0.5: Subclinical or Equivocal Minimal or equivocal symptoms. Mild (soft) neurological signs. No impairment of work or activities of daily living (ADL). Stage 1: Mild Unequivocal intellectual or motor impairment. Able to do all but the most demanding work or ADL. Stage 2: Moderate Cannot work or perform demanding ADL. Capable of self-care. Ambulatory, but may need a single prop. Stage 3: Severe Major intellectual disability, or Cannot walk unassisted. Stage 4: End-Stage Nearly vegetative. 3. Disease may result from the direct presence of the virus in the central nervous system, toxins released from the virus, the body's immunological responses, or any number of other factors. Studies have found that non physiological levels of cytokines in the brain may have an effect of enhancing replication of HIV 3.